Combined 2 v Venturers 1 (H) - 10/04/17

The final Combined 2 game of the season saw us needing to beat a Venturers side to stay out of the bottom two who were pushing for promotion themselves by an 8-1 margin due to results not going our way in other games.

We had trouble getting three ladies to play but luckily Cindy, Jane and Ruth managed to do it and were paired with Arun, Prithvi and Sam in a strong attempt to get the win we needed.

Unfortunately, Venturers are one of those sides who can concede a match against you, bring the kids or bring the stars out, and in this case it was the latter (beware Venturers in April is becoming as common a saying as beware the Ides of March).

With at least two, maybe more, of their side who have played county badminton, and with it being their first team and our second, we were up against it. Venturers took charge from the outset in a highly impressive, professional display of ruthless badminton. We did grab an end with Cindy and Prithvi, and a rubber with the indomitable Prithvi and Arun, and lost the match 8-1 which guarentees we finish next to bottom with a hugely impressive 4 wins out of 10 (very rare for a side to finish this low down with that tally). Thanks to everyone for playing and giving it a good go.

Player of the Match – Prithvi (a rubber and an end)