Comb 2 v Abbeydale 2 (A) - 18/1/17

Revenge, as they say, is sweet. Sadly, it was not for us as we lost 7-2, bringing us back down to earth after our win against Wisewood 1 on Monday.

Abbeydale cleverly played a few players we recognised from their plastics 2nd teams over the years, but with one man and one lady with extensive feathers experience. They wisely split those two up so they covered 6 of the 9 rubbers with that standard, and it was the key to the match which they deservedly and fairly won, played in a good spirit.

In 2014 Abbeydale 1 were denied promotion in the MensPlastics Div 2 on rubber difference whilst we took the title with 3 teams on equal points and only 2 rubbers between them. In the infamous game that led to us agreeing subsequent rule changes with the league we faced a mixture of county and feathers players, Rich and I somehow winning 2 out of 3 that night in our best ever win, 2 rubbers that proved crucial in the final table. 

It was one of those 4 chaps that we faced again last night. Without the Ginger Ninja to bale us out, saving his powers for our 1st team, the lad went through us like a dose of salts, Cindy and I almost bringing out the champagne for getting to 15-15 in one end of our mixed against them!

The ladies fared little better with the rubbers containing Abbeydale’s best ladies player all being won in straight ends too. 

We did though take advantage of the other 3 rubbers, Sam and Aparna, plus Hijas and Jane, taking their rubber against my golf pro Simon and his partner, whereas Cindy and Aparna narrowly lost their ladies in 3 ends.

So a 7-2 defeat but pride still intact and a good performance by all six of us. I even survived Abbeydale’s new LED lighting, an improvement on the previous ones that made me sick every time I played, so finally I can now play matches at Abbeydale, hurray! Thanks for playing team and well done Abbeydale and good luck for the rest of the season.