Mens 2 v Oakbrook 2 (H), Wisewood 3 (A) & Firvale 3 (H) - Oct / Nov 16

Mens 2 Triple Header!!! – Oakbrook 2 (H), Wisewood 3 (A), Firvale 3 (H)
What a week! The week that started with a match on Halloween finished with us looking like zombies a week later after three hard matches with all kinds of ailments afflicting us!
Oakbrook 2 at home on Halloween:
We ghosted to a 6-3 against our local rivals.
The sense that Division 4 is stronger than Division 3 was reaffirmed as Oakbrook gave us a fright by bringing a top class team with two or three players who wouldn’t look out of place a couple of divisions higher. Luckily, for the first, and maybe the last time this season we put out a full strength side.
The night had some horrific events. Hunchback Rob pulled a muscle in his back sufficient to rule him off work the day after, but still managed to win 2 crucial rubbers with Ben. Skeleton Steve had a dead leg from a fall early on in the final game which also led to a suspicious crack coming from my finger. Goblin Sam, well, he actually smiled at us after winning all three – uuurrrghhh, that was the scariest thing of the lot!
All the pairs played some tremendous badminton, including Rich / Steve entertaining themselves by having 3 classic ends against the top pair, just losing out but winning a probable 35 shot rally that had all four guys dead on their feet and looking like the undead!
It was Rob / Ben who clinched the match then Sam / Dave stole the honours by getting a 3-0 record on the night by beating the top pair in 3!

Wisewood 3 away
Unfortunately the match saw us unable to put out a side with only one of the six from the Monday able to play due to a combination of working overseas (me), entertaining hispartner (Rich – no details please) , sickness (Sam), injury (Rob) and billy no mates (Dave). 
We went with 2 pairs with Snowden, Mick and Tom stepping into the four along with Ben and getting valuable experience, losing 9-0 but it’s great to give all the guys a game.

Firvale 3 at home
Having had to toss away the Wisewood game against likely promotion contenders it was crucial to see off Firvale’s third team, who are yet another contender for a side better than most in the division above (virtually all seem to be so far). 
We had a full strength side out with the exception of Hijasmaking his debut for Rich playing with me, and we grabbed a 6-3 win that looked likely when we took all three first rubbers.
Despite shaking like a leaf and confessing to needing to learn tactics, the new boy Hijas showed that by the end of the season he will be one of the strongest in the team, winning his first rubber for Mens 2 and winning his first end 30-29, staying strong in the face of a determined onslaught to be one of the rare players who has played and won a sudden death point! Tremendous!
King Sam and Prince Dave took the honours though with yet another clean sweep and Ben and Rob got back into their usual groove too. We’ve never seen Sam have a week of bed rest before, whenever he is in bed he claims never to rest if you take my meaning. Given this level of performance we’re consigning him to bed again before the next match!
So the week ended with 4 points out of 6, and whenever we get the full team out we remain unbeaten. I’m not sure if it’s getting the full team out or remaining unbeaten that is the biggest challenge…..
Pair of the Week – Sam and Dave, both of them prefer a treat to a trick, and play to their best when they feel wanted, and bloody hell they are with two full houses in two attempts!
The “I Wish I Hadn’t Done That” award – Rob, for over extending himself on court (never, not Rob!) and injuring himself sufficiently to have the day off work sick the day after! He still saw out his rubbers, winning 2 out of 3 though, good lad!