Mens 2 v Abbeydale 3 (A) - 13/11/16

We went down 5-4 for our second loss in five, with yet more selection issues hampering us despite a sterling effort by the lads willing to deputise and to whom I’m incredibly grateful.
With no King Sam who was off on his jollies somewhere (in two different places at once seemingly), and no me until Abbeydale get a move on and install LED lights rather than the ones that send me to hospital, it was left to Dave, Rich, Ben and Rob to hold the fort, hopefully with a third pair.
Having asked and been turned down by about half a dozen players at Friday’s club night, some arm twisting persuaded Hijas to play despite being on call, and Tom too. They didn’t manage an end but came very close and it’s great to be able to rely on them when I’m in a bind, so they’ll get more games for sure.
Pair of the Match Award – Ben and Rob, for their first full house together as a pair, all that work on Friday night paying off. So close to the other guys adding 2 rubbers to this and getting us a win.
The “Wish I Hadn’t Said Or Done That” Award – OK, I’ll take this one, because despite the threat of hospital, if I knew we’d only be one rubber short I’d have turned out for it with the dark sunnies on – let’s just hope that putting myself first for once doesn’t cost us at the end of the season!