Nomads Mens 1 v Ranmoor Mens 1

Mens 1’s third match was away against Nomads mens 1, who we beat 5-4 at home. Nomads had the same team as previous, and so did we. First couple of Rich and Mark, Shiraz and Chee (2nd couple), Arun and Prithvi (3rd couple). The match started well with both our first and second couples winning in two. Arun and Pritvi had to play Nomads toughest couple (who they had put at third). It was tough for the Ramnoor couple, losing in two. Rich and Mark beat Nomads 2nd’s in two while Shiraz and Chee lost to Nomads strong third pair in two.

Tight match at half time, 3-2 to Ranmoor.

Arun and Pritvi made amends for their loss with a tough three end win. Rich and Mark took both games against the Nomads strong third pair, who they lost to at home. That just left Ranmoor’s second and third couples to finish off the match with a two end win each.

A 7-2 win for Ranmoor Mens 1. That’s three out of three.