Grenhileg Mens 1 v Ranmoor Mens 1

Friday 21st October saw our Mens 1 play the newly promoted Grenhileg Mens 1. Thinks started bad with five members of the team, all in one car, arriving by mistake to the local curry house while the team captain made a flawless entry to Henry Fanshaw School. Changing facilities where varied. The choice was the disabled toilets with added soggy floor or the upstairs gym, which is the option I chose.

It was a full first team with Rich and Mark (1st couple), Shiraz and Chee (2nd couple), Arun and Prithvi (3rd couple). Three courts were used throughout the match. Rich and Mark won two ends in around 10 mins, Shiraz and Chee won in 15 mins, but Arun and Pritvi who just had to get their moneys worth had a 45 min, three end marathon with an added 5 min discussion about which part of the roof the shuttle struck “Is it a let or not?” While the marathon was in progress, the other two pairs won there second set of matches and still had to wait for Arun and Prithvi to win the third end. The match was won, but there were still four matches to play.

Rich and Mark beat Grenhilegs third couple in a two ender. Shiraz and Chee won theirs. The marathon men made lighter work of their remaining two matches, winning both in two ends.
A 9-0 win for team Ranmoorites.