Broomgrove Mens 2 v Ranmoor Mens 1

The second Mens 1 in a week saw us away at Broomgrove 2 ON A SATURDAY at Birkdale School. The team was without Arun who was expanding his waist size in Derby and Pritvi who refused to pop back from Egypt. So the team was Rich and Mark at one, Chee and Jiang (our d├ębutante) at two and Shiras with Hijas (another d├ębutante) at three.

Birkdale School was having an open day for Y7 starters so for most of the match we had a good audience. All three pairs were on at the same time. Rich and Mark won theirs in two quickish games while Chee and Jiang became this matches marathon men with a first end loss of 22-24 only to fight back with a 22-20, 21-19 win. Shiraz and Hijas won one, lost one and then won, to take theirs. Three nil to Ranmoor.

The second set saw Rich and Mark take control of another two ender. Chee and Jiang won two swift games while Shiraz and Hijaz lost out in three close fought games. Five one to Ranmoor.

The final set of three saw Rich and Mark have two quick games. Chee and Jiang lost their first end to 8, but came back strong in the next two ends winning them both to 14. Our third couple didn’t mess about winning the first end to 9 and finishing the second 22-20.

A resounding 8-1 win and the third we’ve won on the road.