Beaverhill Combi 1 v Ranmoor Combi 1

The first match for Ranmoor Combi 1 was away at Beaverhill. The new look team was Sarah (playing on her Birthday, what commitment!) at first lady, Lesley played second and Jenny, third. For the men, Mark played first, Shiraz second and Arun third.

The ladies had a great match with Sarah and Lesley winning theirs in two easy ends followed by Sarah and Jenny they won in three ends, taking the third to 16. Shiraz and Mark lost out in a tough three ender followed by Arun and Mark loosing two closely fought games. Two all before the mixed.
All of the mixed went Beaverhills way, having said that everyone put up a good fight and there were some tight games.

Final score was a loss by 7 games to 2.

Unfortunately no picture was taken on the night so we asked a local artist to illustrate the team.