Mens 1 v Nomads 1 - (H) - 17/10/16

This match was harder than some we played in Mens divion 1. Nomads turned up with a strong team. Our team was couple 1, Rich with Mark (Fact - Rich is half Mark’s age. He’s a very mature 12 year old ), couple 2, Prithvi (back from his tough training camp in the Canadian Yucon) with Arun and at couple 3 a big welcome to our new pair of Chee and Shiraz.

The first set of games were hard fought with Rich and Mark loosing in a brutal three ender with just a couple of points in all 3 games. Arun and Prithvi won in two, followed by Chee and Shiraz loosing out in two close games, again by just a couple of points.
Round two saw a reversal of the first round with Arun and Prithvi missing out in a tough three ender, Chee and Shiraz taking theirs in two and Rich and Mark also winning in two. All even going in to the last round of three.

The last three games saw Shiraz and Chee fight back from a first end loss to win the next two against Nomad’s tough No.1 couple. Rich and Mark won theirs in two and Arun and Prithvi lost both ends by just two points again.

A win for the Ranmoor with all three couples winning vital games to win the match. Game of the match has to be from our new couple of Chee and Shiraz. Well done lads.

1. Richard Woolgar/Mark Shipway (Ranmoor) v Nick Shemeld/Paul Cooke (Nomads) 19-21  23-21  21-23 (Nomads)
2. Arun Urs/ Prithvi Rao (Ranmoor) v Carl Pashley/Darren White (Nomads)  21-17  21-13 (Ranmoor)
3. Shiraz Hazel/Chee H Tan (Ranmoor) v Mick Coates/Will Doughty (Nomads)  19-21  20-22 (Nomads)

4. Arun Urs/ Prithvi Rao (Ranmoor) v Nick Shemeld/Paul Cooke (Nomads) 21-12  19-21  16-21 (Nomads)
5. Shiraz Hazel/Chee H Tan (Ranmoor) v Carl Pashley/Darren White (Nomads)  21-16  21-16 (Ranmoor)
6. Richard Woolgar/Mark Shipway (Ranmoor) v Mick Coates/Will Doughty (Nomads)  21-16  21-13 (Ranmoor)

7. Shiraz Hazel/Chee H Tan (Ranmoor) v Nick Shemeld/Paul Cooke (Nomads) 19-21  21-17  22-20 (Ranmoor)
8. Richard Woolgar/Mark Shipway (Ranmoor) v Carl Pashley/Darren White (Nomads)  21-8  21-7 (Ranmoor)
9. Arun Urs/ Prithvi Rao (Ranmoor) v Mick Coates/Will Doughty (Nomads)  21-12  19-21  16-21 (Nomads)

Ranmoor won the match 5-4.