Ladies v Broomgrove (A) - 8/10/16

After a frantic start to my captaincy with Helen H pulling our ill, our trip to Broomgrove had not begun well. But after a flurry of texts Cat R was able to stand in and join us.

Lesley & Aparna, Jenny & Jane, Cat & Cindy passed the first test and found their way into Birkdale School. With no time for lunch (apart from Jane who managed a sneaky sandwich) it was all go on 3 courts. 

First round was 2-1 to us as we faced familiar faces in Ada and Jen. Second round was getting bit too much for Aparna (not having played since May) - as her and Lesley decided to lose in 3 ends. 2-1 Broomgrove. 3 all and into the final round. 

Fabulous play by everyone meant we clinched it early on and Jane & Jenny even found enough time and energy to have a friendly game.  5-4 win. 

Thank to everyone and to Broomgrove who played in a friendly spirit.