Mens 2 v Rotherham (A) - 22/3/16

With the end of a tough season in sight the remaining games are becoming more and more important if relegation is to be avoided. Ranmoor were travelling to Rotherham for this away fixture, and absences were again an issues with the ever reliable Mick stepping into the line of fire for this one as a partner for Ben. Rich and Rob, and Dave and Shiraz were unchanged. Ranmoor started brightly with Dave and Shiraz taking control of there first game dispatching the Rotherham pair dropping 12 and 13 points respectively. Mick and Ben were playing very well in game two, Mick finding a lot of great touches at the net to keep the pressure on in the rallies, in the end this led to taking the game in two straight ends. Rich and Rob had no troubles in there game and after the first round of games Ranmoor were three up.

As the night unfolded Shiraz began to be troubled by an ankle problem, this led to some dropped  points in his second game, but the pair battled through to win in three ends. Mick and Ben were having issues of their own due to the heat of the hall and some exhaustion creeping in, this affected Rich and Rob in no way at all as they blitzed through a game dropping only 15 points in total. So after six games the pressure was off and the match was won, Ranmoor took a only one of the next three games but the job was done. This was a much needed victory and leaves everything to play for as things come to a close. Dave and Shiraz battled through injuries, Rich and Rob took all three games barely dropping a point, the biggest congratulations must go to Mick for a huge effort managing to take a game in the stifling heat.