Mens 2 v Graves (A) - 4/4/16

Monday night saw men’s 2 traveling to graves for a return fixture of the 7-2 loss earlier in the season. Matt Chan played again partnering Rob, and Ravi saw a return to the team after struggling for so long with ligament trouble.

The first three games were split with Ben and Ravi, and Dave and Shiraz fighting hard, both coming from behind to win in three. Rob and Matt having never played together before were finding their feet, covering every inch of the court but succumbing in three ends.

The second round had a very familiar tone about it, Rob and Matt were chasing down every shuttle again but just couldn't find a way to finish off a point, which led to some rather long rallies and unfortunately a loss. Ben and Ravi had to come from behind again but took their game, whilst Dave and Shiraz found form and made winning look easy. A four two advantage looked good with any of the final three games leading to victory.

With just one needed Matt and Rob were desperate to put a mark on the board and finish things early in the final round, endless running and grit this time paid off with a solid win. Dave and Shiraz came through their game winning in three, but tired legs and joints led to a concession from Ravi and Ben, the job was done though and Ranmoor had a 6-3 victory and what may prove to be a vital two points. A big well done to all the guys in this one, Dave and Shiraz took all three games, Matt and Rob taking a game in the first match they've played together, and Ravi making his long awaited return from injury and taking two games.