Mens 1 v Venturers (A) - 28/2/16

Set to be a relegation battle between last years 2 prompted teams, Ranmoor set out to win their first meeting with Venturers this season after completing the double over them last year in our title winning season.

Venturers had managed to really improve over the summer in between seasons and had a much changed line up to face us. This was evident in game 1 with Rich and Mark playing some decent stuff and still only managing to scrape double figures in a 2 end loss. 

Sam and Ben meanwhile were faring no better scoring single digits in 2 ends against opponents that seemed a little out of place in the league. Arun and Prithvi in at pair 3 also fell, seeing Ranmoor 3 down. To recreate the 6-3 win from last season we would need to win all of the remaining games.

Round 2 saw Rich and Mark get going a little bit, ultimately losing in 3 ends (22-20 in the decider), deploying some solid tactics to try and evade the stronger of the pair. Ben and Sam were struggling in their game also and whilst Arun and Prithvi put up a great fight against the top pair, they missed out in 2 ends. 6 from 6 for venturers, and hard to believe they have only won one game this season so far..

Round 3 saw some predictable results unfortunately with Ben and Sam, downed in 2 and Arun and Prithvi fighting valiantly but missing out in 3 ends. Rich and Mark managed to score a point for the Ranmoor with a comfortable 2 end win against the third pair, leaving us with a final result of 8-1. 

Fantastic effort and spirit from all involved, a great night of fierce practice for Ben, who thrived under the pressure and seems to get better every week at the moment. Ultimately, the team fielded were just too strong with the big club options proving too much for our 6. Thanks for Venturers for the tough games, great practice and a chance to have a other go in the home fixture.