Mens 1 v Broomgrove (A) - 4/3/16

Friday night had the Mens 1 team heading over in the snow and slush to Broomgrove. Earlier in the day Steve had abandoned his car and we wondered if the game would go ahead at all. In the end, the temperature rose, the snow dissipated and the match went ahead.

As reigning champs, Broomgrove are a tough team and we knew we would be lucky to get an end let alone a rubber. And so it proved as Broomgrove ran out 9-0 winners on the night! Rich and Steve managed to put up a few good ends but couldn’t get the best of any pairs. Arun and Prithvi, in at pair one saw the same outcome and Mark and Chee, despite some great stuff, suffered the same results as well. A little bit of a break now to our next game and the run in to the end of the season. Thanks to all for playing. Can we survive in the premier league with a couple more wins?