Mens 2 v University - (H) - 8/2/16

This should have been the night when Ranmoor finally had a chance to put a halt to their losing streak, the problem with injuries was to raise it’s head again though. Ranmoor were going to have to start with two pairs, Rich playing with Rob, and Dave with Shiraz, three games conceded from the beginning. So 0-3 to begin...

Rich and Rob went out as number one pair, they play with incredible tenacity lately, chasing down all shots and lost causes, a spirit that eased them passed the university pair and the score was 1-3. Shiraz and Dave have been looking at finding a way to get the best out of their respective abilities, and in this game Shiraz managed to use his power to great effect, smash after smash would go on to be a winner, the first end was won fast, the second was lost but it was still Ranmoor’s after the third, 2-3 after the first round.

Rich and Rob were really looking good at this point, their effort levels were raised again and their game was finished very quick dropping just 23 points in both ends. Dave and Shiraz were similarly enjoying the match, their game coming easily in two ends as well. All of a sudden Ranmoor were in the lead, with just four men holding rackets that’s quite a feat.

With just one game needed Rich and Rob headed back out, tiredness from all that running taking it’s toll, shuttles that earlier had been picked up couldn’t be reached the first end slipped by, and then so did the second. The match was tied at four games each, when Dave and Shiraz went out to play their last. A great game was played the first end going to Ranmoor easily, the second to university, and everything came down to the last end, but it wasn't to be tight, Ranmoor holding their nerve and clinching it to thirteen. A great result coming back from such a difficult start, pairing of the night must be Shiraz and Dave each playing their own different but necessary role.