Mens 1 v Westfield (A) - 30/1/16

Saturday morning saw the mens first team head to Westfield for what is always a tough fixture. In recent years, the men have never beaten a Westfield side, but with an upset in the combined earlier in the season, a win against them is no longer unprecedented, and this gave us a flicker of hope. Chee and Ben came in for Sam and Steve and captain Rich used this as a chance to make some rare tweaks to the pairs.

with the agreement of the lads, Arun and Prithvi stuck together and went out as third pair. Rich and Mark teamed up for the first time in the mens, hoping to draw on their combined experience together and occupied spot number 2. Pair one for the day were Ben, our mens 2 captain, making his first team debut this season and Chee. Playing as first pair proved quite the baptism for the boys and they went down to 14 and 10 against a strong top Westfield twosome.
Mark and Rich meanwhile were engaging in a real battle, edging a first end 25-23 before kicking on and winning to 9 to make it 1-1. Arun and Prithvi took a close first end to 19 before taking a steady second end to 15. 2-1 Ranmoor, decent start!

Round 2 saw Arun and Prithvi get stuck into the top pair, losing out in 3 ends after showing some real grit to keep themselves in it. Mark and Rich were now tapping into their combined partnership and beat the third pair to 3 and 11, in two comfortable ends, maintaining their discipline to ensure a good scoreline. Ben and Chee went out to play the second pair expecting a really tough game. They really turned it on in the first, playing with expert consistency and tenacity, taking the end to 11, before wrapping it up in 2 ends to 17! Another 2-1 round to Ranmoor and a 4-2 scoreline overall. 1 needed from the final round, but everyone having a tough game left to play.

Round 3 came around and pitched Rich and Mark against the so far undefeated top pair of Westfield. our boys lost out to 16, before rallying to win a second end to 19. A close fought third end saw our pair lose out to 16, giving the first pair a clean sweep for the home side. Arun and Prithvi went to war as usual and took a first end 22-20. To really get their monies worth they then lost the second end to 16 before coming back to take the decider and secure Ranmoor the win! Ben and Chee completed the day with their second point of the fixture with an 18 and 13 two ender.

6-3 to Ranmoor. 2 points per pair. A first win against Westfield for the men in many many many………many years. Thanks to all for playing, a big man of the match award for Ben, our second team captain, making his debut and picking up 2/3! Only criticism his that he paid in coppers!

A second win of the season for the men and their second ever in division one of the Sheffield badminton league. Not too shabby!