Mens 1 v Broomgrove (H) - 15/2/16

Monday at Ecclesfield pitted Mens 1 against defending league champions, Broomgrove. Sure to be a tough game against a side that rarely if ever loses in this league. We had a full nominated 6 out in standard formation with Rich and Steve taking on pair 1 in the night’s opener. it was to be as tough as expected with a simple 2 end win for Broomgrove. Sam and Mark came a lot closer but also missed out in 2 losing 24-22, 21- 16. Arun and Prithvi showed us how its done and got us off the mark to 17 and 19 in a 2 ender. 2 - 1 going into round 2.

Sam and Mark managed double figures against the top pair whilst Arun and Prithvi went to war against pair 2 coming out winners to 14 in the third end, a great effort from our guys. Steve and Rich lost out to 19 and 15 in a close fought bout to finish off round 2 with the score at 4-2.

Final round saw Steve and Rich get themselves a point with a 2 end win against pair 2. Arun and Prithvi got 8 and 16 in what was a good show against the first pair, especially in the second end with the best score of the night. Sam and Mark couldn’t overcome the third pair missing out 19 and 11 in two ends.

Final score was 6-3 Broomgrove, which was not to be unexpected following a good performance from a very strong side. Plenty of friendly games followed the match and we were playing right up to 10pm when the cookies finally came out for all to enjoy.

Pair of the match has to be Arun and Prithvi with their 2/3, well done guys, good battling against some really tough pairs.