Comb 2 v Abbeydale 1 - (H) - 1/2/16

It was home turf in the Sheffield badminton league for us and Sarah and Elaina tried hard to get us off to a winning start but lost in straight sets 21-18 each . The ladies are now beginning to combine well so with consistency in team members and with some luck we will do very well in this Div.

Arun and Shiraz had to fight very hard in their 1st game and won to a similar score line of 21-18, 21-18 each. Some points were very long rallies and it could've gone either way .

Jen and Sarah Tried their best but their match was over before they could find their mojo.

Shiraz and I kept it interesting by winning our men's doubles . Shiraz seems to be improving match after match and very soon I suspect he will be ready for men's 1 if his form continues .

We then lost all our combined games and the only light in this darkness was Arun and Elaina coming from behind to win their combined in the 9th game . That showed true grit and spirit and who knows these games may all add up in the end .

The game was played in good spirit and some more combined practice ( which isn't happening at the moment ) is what's needed to help us beat top sides like abbeydale