Comb 1 v Oakbrook (A) - 16/2/16

A cold and wet Tuesday night saw our combi first team play away at Oakbrook. Lets start with who played. Our up for it ladies were Lesley, Claire and Aparna, with the men, Rich, Sam and Mark.
Up first was Lesley and Claire taking on the Oakbrook 1st and 2nd ladies. They had two tight games but Oakbrook came out the winners. Meanwhile on the other court Sam and Mark slapped and tickled shuttles over the net to win in two. Lesley and Aparna looked ready for a tussle, and so it proved to be. They took the first, just lost out in the second and after an age on court, lost in the third. Rich and Mark won a squeaky first but a polished second to again win in two.
Half time 2-2.

The next round of games started with the match down to one court where Claire and Sam played the Oakbrook 2nd lady and man. With a good performance in the mens, Sam was up for an arousing game, and so it turned out to be, with Claire and Sam winning, making them both feel pumped by at least 25%. Aparna and Rich were next. They played two great games and won them both. 4-2 the Ranmoor.

The first couple v first couple mixed games saw Lesley and Mark play two spotless games to give the match to Ranmoor.

The return mixed games had Claire and Sam play Pat and Oakbrooks 2nd lady. Claire was in a mean mood by now and tried to knock-out Pat by ramming his head in to the wall. But this didn't deter Pat who recovered and with his partner, came back to give the Oakbrook couple a win. Aparna and Rich played the final match. During the first game Rich sustained nipple rub, or something similar, hampering his game, which they lost. But after encouragement from the rest of the Ranmoor team, Rich overcame the hindrance and the pair fought back from one down to win in three.

Final score - Oakbrook 3 - Ranmoor 6.
Another great win for the Ranmoor C 1's.