Comb 1 v Beaverhill (H) - 8/2/16

Monday night saw the combined 1 team take on Beaverhill at Ecclesfield in a return fixture to a defeat for us earlier in the season. Score at their was 6-3 so we wanted to mix things up in terms of strategy. This was going to be a given anyway with Arun and Elaina subbing in for Claire and Mark.

After a few team talks, captain Sam elected to play Rich at number 1 with Aparna and have he and Lesley and Arun and Elaina make up the mixed pairs.

Round one pitted Rich and Sam against a father and son combination, winning in 2 ends to get Rancour off the mark. Aparna and Lesley meanwhile were also taking theirs in 2 ends and doubling the lead. Rounding off the doubles were Rich and Arun again taking a a point in 2 ends and Aparna, this time teaming up with Elaina going to 3 ends and coming out on top to 13 in the decider. 4-0 to Rancour after the doubles, that’s not something we can say too often in the Sheffield first division.

5 mixed games left, one win needed for the victory. Sam and Lelsey fought hard but ultimately missed out in their first game to 16 and 17. Arun and Elaina lost out in 2 also to 13 and and really close 19 after putting up a great fight.

Game 7 saw Rich and Aparna, normally a mixed pair for Ranmoor, team up to play the doubles preferring players of Beaverhill. This showed through with our guys taking the games to 4 and 11 and securing the 5 points needed for the match. Despite the result confirmed, Beaverhill were not to take the remaining games lightly with Arun and Elaina missing out in 3 ends before Sam and Lesley lost out 22-20, 28-26, which must be the most points scores this season without beating the opponent.

A home win for Ranmoor and a swing in momentum from the away fixture to take a team that had beaten us at their place. Well played everyone, really great performance by all with everyone scoring points on the board.