Mens1 v Wisewood (A) - 6/1/16

Tuesday night saw the mens first team head over to nearby Wisewood. Ranmoor made 1 change bringing Chee in for the missing Steve and used it as a chance to shake the pairs up a bit.

Wisewood made several changes to the team that beaten us 5-4 at our place earlier in the season. The team we faced was definitely stronger than the one that travelled to ours and we needed a mascot to help spur us on. At the exact moment of realisation, Dave H walked in, ready to cheer us on.

The first round of games was split 2-1 in Wisewood’s favour with just Arun and Prithvi managing to topple their counter parts at position 3. Rich and Sam came close in their first end before struggling and losing in 2 and it was much the same story for Mark and Chee. More cheering needed Dave!

Round 2 turned out tone even trickier, with Mark and Chee missing out to pair 3 in 2 close ends, Arun and Prithvi going down in 2 and Rich and Sam, despite showing some fight, going down in 3, after taking a second end 26-24!
5-1 with a round left and nothing left to do but go out and win what we could.

Mark and Chee lost out in 3 after winning the middle end. Arun and Prithvi went to war and had their usual monies worth losing a three ender, 24-22, 20-22, 21-17. Sam and Rich went out and got Ranmoor on the board for the second time in the evening with a win in 2 ends, though Dave was quick to remind them how poor they were in the first end, resulting in a real display in the second, winning to 8!

Final tally shows a 7-2 win for Wisewood. Thanks to everyone for playing and especially to Chee for coming in at the last minute. As you can see in the picture, we are thinking of starting a 6 piece rock cover band in 2016, thoughts on this as our album cover?