Mens 1 v PMC 1 (A) - 11/1/16

Monday night and the boys of Ranmoor were trekking out to Firvale to face PMC1. The home fixture earlier in the season saw plc win 5-4 so we were up for a tight game. Chee was in for the missing Sam, who was somewhere on the alps throwing himself down a mountain in the way only sam is brave enough to. (No turns!)

Dave was so impressed with the performance this is his cheer leading face! 

Round one didn’t start so well for our boys. Steve and Rich lost out in 2 close ends as they adjusted to a difficult hall, making too many errors. It was either that or they were still stretching their legs out after being crammed into the back of Arun’s car and thrown around the roads of Sheffield. Thinking they had miraculously lost their skills as a pair the came off to find that the other pairs were also struggling to get up to speed in the difficult venue. Arun and Prithvi, in a number 2 lost out in straight sets. Chee and Mark completed the first round struggles with a loss agains the opponent third pair. Close games, but ultimately. 0-3!

During the first round, Dave H had entered the fray as chief cheerleader for the second match in a row and was offering advice in between sets. Round 2 however didn’t really see any changes in momentum and all 3 pairs went down, albeit Steve and Rich managing to take theirs to 3 ends!

Final round and surely something in this one for Ranmoor? There was indeed, with Steve and Rich picking up the first point of the night in 2 strong ends. Our other pairs couldn’t get on the score board however, losing out in both cases, with Arun and Prithvi taking theirs to 3 ends.

Final score 8-1, our biggest loss to date, against a consistent PMC team who are faring well this season. Thanks to all for playing and fighting hard to come close in so many ends.

Rich W