Ladies v Beaverhill - (H) - 11/1/16

After much anticipation/deliberation the Ladies match against Beaverhill took place with Sarah’s amazing entourage of Caroline and Rachel very kindly stepping in to make sure we had a full team to take on the opponents.

With the sports hall to ourselves; and no wonder as it was colder than a polar bear’s toenails!, all 3 pairs went on ready to give it their best.

Jen and Claire started off slow but had a game plan and improved as the night went on with their best chance for a win in their 3rd game. Alas, they didn’t quite take the win but were they downhearted??..... the photo speaks for itself!

On the home team were also the cheeky PE department from Tapton school (aka Sarah ‘Goody’ and Rachel) who put up a great fight seeing as it was Rachel’s debut on the match scene.

Sarah & Rachel almost took their first game and lost in 3 in the second but it was their style of play that was MOST interesting to watch…

Whilst Rachel’s distracted at the front, Sarah’s thinking, ‘Umm, I think I’ve got time for a little Irish Irishjig, here I go!’…….

She’s quite nimble on her feet is our Sarah

 “Oops! Better get back to the game. Time to pull out a smash,” Sarah says.

Oh no! she’s off again, kicking up her heels, playing to the audience in the background.  Goody just can’t help herself ! 

A really fun pair to watch. Good effort ladies!

These guys kept their cool all night and took the only 2 games so it wasn’t a white wash. Well done you two, really well played!!

Cheers everyone,