Comb 2 v Stocksbridge - (H) - 18/1/16

After a nice rest it was time for combined 2 to get 2016 started once again .

Sheffield badminton club's veteran team RBC & Stockbridge were at loggerheads but on home ground .

We were short on ladies players but Caroline and Sarah stepped in to bolster the team .

Well begun is 1/2 done so off we went with the ladies Sarah and Jen doing quick work of their ladies by winning it in straight sets 21-8, 21-18 .

Arun and Shiraz were the 'cool' dudes , pun intended as their match scores will indicate that before their warming up the opposition romped ahead . They fought back but it was a bit too late ( 15-21 and 18-21  )

Dave and mick turned up for some cheerleading and even let us have the 3rd court which meant debutante Caroline and I could have our 3l, 3 m game . We nearly beat them with a close 1st and 3rd game but eventually lost . By winning the 2nd  we proved we could beat them & Caroline hit some cracking smashes from the back court !

Caroline and Sarah then went on court and the 'friend frequency ' was great as they did quick work of the opposition and won theirs in straight . Sarah was on fire and this was the 2nd of her 100% victory record for the night . 2-2 now

Inspired by this Shiraz and I did the same in our men's game by finishing it off at 21-8, 21-14 .

The 2 subsequent losses in the combined games ( Arun and Jen & me and Caroline ) meant that pressure was on Shiraz and Sarah . The usual lack of practice playing together meant loss in the first and then winning the next 2 .

So 4-4 each and pressure on Arun and Jen & that actually seems to work on these 2. Won the 1st , 21-8, lost the 2nd but worked very hard for a well deserved win in 3rd

We've done well at the start of our season & inspite of multiple changes within team the victory run continues.

Special thanks to Dave for his coaching, support and mentor ship throughout the evening .

Go RBC !