Mens 2 v PMC 3 (H) - 14/12/15

Mens 2 were at home to Pakistani Mens Club 3 at good old Ecclesfield. Clive partnered with Ben, Dave with Shiraz and Richard and Rob were together again. 

Clive and Ben were up first. A tough opening game was dropped to 15. But at the change of end a rally in spirit and we managed to take the next end to 14. But as the spirit faded so did our chance in this game and we lost to 8. 

Dave and Shiraz meanwhile lost their first end to to 12. But rallied to similar scores and then faded to 8. Rich and Rob got on court and began their efforts. But unfortunately lost both ends rather too quickly. 

Round 2 ding ding!  Dave and Shiraz came out flying and only dropped 10 points in the first end but lost the next two. Ouch. Rich and Rob found themselves in a tight game which they came through to win 18 and 19. Well done them. 

Clive and Ben could not match this effort and lost their second game of the evening .  5-1 down...mmmm.  Playing for pride Rich and Rob fought valiantly but lost to 16 and 18. Penultimate game Clive (after his pig mauling) and Ben couldn't get a result and lost in two.  Final game currently on court, looks like an 8-1 result. Well done PMC a match played in the festive spirit. 

Ben H