Comb 1 v Wisewood (A) - 16/12/15

On the night of Wednesday 16th December, the Ranmoor Combi 1 team travelled to Wisewood Sports Centre. After a pre-match briefing in the green room where we discussed coffee makers, Chrissy pressies and Rich bonded with Sam, we were whisked in to the arena to face the opposition.
Three courts were on offer, so no time to ponder. First up was Lesley and Aparna. You know how when you wait ages for a No.52 bus to Crookes and then suddenly two turn up, well that's what we're experiencing in the Combi 1, because the Ranmoor ladies won another game, this time Lesley and Aparna won in two 24-22 and 21-13. On the middle court Rich and Mark were hammering out a scrappy first end and a controlled second to win in two. On the third court Claire and Sam won two sparkling ends 21-17 and 21-12. Match score - Ranmoor 3, Wisewood 0.
Next games up were Claire and Lesley who lost the first end and got to 18 in the second, before loosing. Sam and Mark won there first end to 17. In the second the Wisewood pair came back, and after some serious back and forth badminton, the Ranmoor pair won 25-23, talk about getting your money's worth. Meanwhile Aparna and Rich played out two sparkling games to win in two. Ranmoor 5, Wisewood 1.
Final set of games saw Aparna and Rich sparklingly sprint through two ends, another Ranmoor win. Lesley and Mark struggled in the first end but fought back in the second. The third end was close but they lost to 18. The final game saw Claire and Sam take on the Wisewood second pair. They got close in the first end loosing to 18 and very close in the second loosing 22-20. Final match score - Ranmoor 6, Wisewood 3.
Two match wins for the Combi 1 in a week and three out of four in the level doubles. There's a bit of form creaping in to this team. Have a great Christmas, and lets see if the form can continue in to 2016.