Comb 1 v Paces - (A) - 26/11/15

Thursday 26th November saw the Ranmoor Combi team travel to deep, dark Parsons Cross, for a return match against Paces Combi team. Before the match I thought 'great I won't need to write a match report, I'll just copy and paste last times Paces match report as the result is always the same', but blast, events mean I've had to write a new one.

So what was the team. It was our lovely ladies Claire, Lesley and Aparna, and our lucky girls Rich, Sam and Mark, full team then.

We had three courts all night, so the first three matches saw Lesley and Claire take on the Paces L1 and 2. Not much luck here and the Ranmoor ladies lost in 2. Mark and Sam fared a little better, winning the first end, loosing the second end heavily, but turning it around to win the third end. While all this was kicking off, Aparna and Rich was taking on Paces strongest pair. After three 'match changing games' the Ranmoor couple bagged an explosive win. 2-1 to the Ramoor.

Round two saw Lesley and Aparna take Paces L1 and 3 to three games where, after a strong fight they came second, close though. Mark and Rich where up next. Their first game saw them quite a few points behind, but a battling scrap back saw them just miss out by 27 - 25. The second and third ends were 'controlled badminton' which the Ranmoor won. Meanwhile, Claire and Sam were playing a tough game of badminton that they also deservedly won. 4-2 to the Ranmoor.

Round three. Could we re-write the history books and do better than 5-4. Claire and Sam played Paces strongest mixed couple, and after some extreme badminton moves, the couple lost in two. Aparna and Rich charged through their games and won in two. So here it is, the clinching games that might re-write that history book. Lesley and Mark lost their way in end one. End two saw different tactics been used together with a win. But end three saw them fade away to loose in three.

Bet you're thinking '5-4 again, I've read through all this for a 5-4'. Well yes you have, but it's a win to the Ranmoor and three out of five matches is a great start. Well done team.

Mark S