Comb 1 v Oakbrook 1 (H) - 14/12/15

Monday 14th December saw Ranmoor combi 1 team take on Oakbrooks combi 1's. The Ranmoor fielded Lesley, Aparna, Claire, Sam, Rich and Mark.  Unfortunately Oakbrook turned up without a 3rd lady, giving Ranmoor a 3 game start. So how did it go, well the ladies games went really well. Lesley and Claire got stuck in to their games, winning in two ends (what a great start). Rich (playing first man) with Sam (playing lovingly with his hair) won in two, winning the match for the Ranmoor and it's only 7.30. The second mens almost started with a disaster. Mark, trying to smell his best, over-enthusiastically used too much cheap bodyspray which played havoc with Rich's sensitive sinuses. But snorts and splutters aided Rich's recovery, allowing the pair to win the first end. Then during the second end a 'click' followed by a sweet smell alerted the players to the fact that Mrs O's pre-Christmas treats had been revealed. No time to mess around, the Ranmoor men won to give them a 6-0 lead at half time.

So what was in the tin of pre-Christmas delights. Lemon drizzle cake and coffee muffins. That drizzle cake really hit the spot and the muffins, well no words can express the delights they gave. One piece of drizzle cake gives out super charged Duracell energy levels aiding both body and mind, so I had two.
On with the match. Claire and Sam fought out a victory in a tough three ender. Lesley and Rich won an express brace of ends and Aparna (in her first games of the night, cold of muscle but calm of mind) with Mark won in two also.

The first nine niller of the season, I wonder if it's going to be our only one? And the half time treats, they just keep getting better and better.

Mark S