Mens 2 v Paces 2 - (A) - 5/11/15

The forth match of the season saw us travel to Yewlands college in Sheffield to play against the Paces mens 2 team, a disagreement with a golf club the day before had left Ben needing minor surgery and with no replacement available we were down to two pairs. This left Rob and Rich continuing their partnership as well as Dave H and Shiraz, to take the points Ranmoor could afford almost no slip ups.

R + R began the evening flying out of the blocks to take the first end to 13, the second was no more of a challenge and that was won to 13 too, that was the start we needed. In game 2 Dave and Shiraz were up against an old Ranmoor comrade in Andy Cox, a player with nice touch and nous. Along side him was his partner Lee and the two would prove too much for our guys beating them to 11 and 9, and so went the only breathing space we had, if we were to take anything from the match now it would have to be a clean sweep.

Round two, and up next were Dave and Shiraz again, beginning to find their feet the took the the first end to 9. The second was a nip and tuck affair but in the end we ended up winning it to 19. At the same time R+R were up against Andy and Lee. They were fighting hard but couldn't ever get in the lead and the first end fell to 15. They knew the match could be decided right here and gave everything in the second end but it wasn't to be our night and we lost to 15 again.

With the match over the final set of games commenced, and credit to the guys in black and red their heads did not fall, Dave and Shiraz took the first end of their game, but lost out in three, whilst R+R took the game in two ends to 17 and 19.

And so concluded a difficult match for Ranmoor, a 6-3 loss in unfortunate circumstances. A big thank you to the four guys who made a game of it and gave their all.