Mens 1 vs Wisewood - (H) - 16/11/15

Three enders was the theme for the match as Men’s 1 were visited by Wisewood’s top team.

Steve and Rich resumed their position at number 1 and went out against the first pair, Sam and Dan. It was likely to be a tough game with Steve pointing out that the opponents combined age was less than his alone, as well as the Wisewood team revealing that one of them had a current national ranking akin to Rich’s of 10 years ago.

Still, our boys made home advantage count and ran out 21-19 winners in the first end. The major upset wasn’t to be however and they missed out in 3 ends to 15 and 16. Still, a great sign that we were settling really well into life in the first division and able to mix it with some good pairs. Sam and Mark assumed their standard number 2 position and took on their equivalent in the opposing team. It was a real close fight with our guys winning 24-22 before succumbing to 15 and 14, sending us down to 2-0. Arun was partnered with Shiraz for the evening whilst Prithvi was sunning himself in Tenerife after wining the readers digest lucky dip, and our boys had an absolute war for two ends, losing 22-20 and wining 22-20. The third end saw them get their act together and pull away with a comfortable win to 10.

Sam and Mark kicked us off for round 2 but came unstuck against the top pair to 12 and 19, meaning they needed a win later to save their night and get a point. They had got to 17-12 in the second end before things tightened up and the opponents came through. Meanwhile Shiraz and Arun were back on again and were going to war…again! They had 3 ends, but this time lost in the 3rd end to 12, showing some inexperience in the league against wily opponents. Steve and Rich closed off the third round with a clinical 21- 9, 21-10 giving their opponents no chance as they executed their usual organised strategy, plugging the gaps and being all over the court. This left things at 4-2, meaning we would need the job lot from the last 3.

Sam and Mark went out and got themselves a point for the night, beating the third pair to 13 and 16 with some solid stuff. 1 down. Steve and Rich went out and limited their opponents to an unusually low for the first division, 6 and 9!
4-4. Last game saw our third pair of Shiraz and Arun taking on the top pair of Wisewood. Phenomenally, our guys managed to take the first to 19 before the opponents really took charge and ran home to 8 and 10. Our third 5-4 loss of the season, indeed we have managed at least this result in every game so far, taking 4 or more against every team. We are really competing well at this level and will be sure you get some more wins on the board. Thanks for Shiraz for stepping up and getting a win. Mark was the only one we deemed pretty enough to be in the picture.

Rich W