Mens 1 v PMC 2 - (H) - 10/11/15

Game 3 of the season saw us play the return fixture of our first game against PMC 2. We has lost 5-4 at theirs so knew that at home we might have a chance to secure our first win of the season. Sam and Mark returned to the squad and were moved to the new position of third pair in the team at the last minute by captain Rich, a little experiment on his part. This bumped Arun and Prithvi up to number 1 with Steve and Rich taking the middle spot for the evening.

This meant A+P were out on on court at 7pm for the first time in their history in the team and on top of that facing the top pair of PMC. Could they rise to the challenge this early on in the evening? They burst out of the blocks and won their first end to 13 before doing their usual trick and ‘going to war’ in the second in an absolute humdinger, the opponent taking the end 24-22. The third end was nip and tuck but with 19-19 up on the score board, our guys had the last bit of desire needed to come home 21-19 to a huge cheer from the home crowd and a 1-0 lead. Rich and Steve meanwhile had taken out the second pair to 8 and 19 and handed Ranmoor a 2-0 lead. Great Start.

Having had a nice sit down to start with Sam and Mark were now facing down the barrel of three consecutive games for the evening, a privilege usually given to Arun and Prithvi. Our boys gave Rich the thumbs down after the first end which gave us a bit of a scare. As it turned out, they had won to 19 but were still not happy with their performance. The second end really saw them pick up some speed and a win to 12. 3-0, surely not?

Steve and Rich were back on next and facing a third pair that had just had a real slog with Arun and Prithvi. Steve and Rich by now were getting into their stride and won to 16 and 12 in clinical fashion. If you’ve been reading closely you’ll notice Ranmoor had now got their usual 4. What would be a bit more unusual would be to go that bit further and get a fifth and a first ever win the first division.

This first chance to seal it would fall to Mark and Sam who were playing the second pair. 21-15 was the first, but the wrong way, as the opponents took the end. Our guys then surged back and dominated to 11 and 12, taking it in 3 and securing the fifth point of the night and our first win!!! But this wasn’t the only first of the night.

Arun and Prithvi knocked off the third pair to 14 and 12 and in so became the first pair ever to win all 3 in one evening against a PMC side and the first pair ever to win 3 in the first division. An incredible effort and worthy of their first pair placement for the night. Mark and Sam then faced the first pair and would be the first to taste defeat. After winning the first end to 15, they lost out to 16 and 16. 7-1.

By this time, Rich and Steve had been sat off for what felt like about 3 years. (Rich won’t put them as number 2 pair again) Steve was wearing his trench coat to keep warm and Rich was playing a club night doubles match for something to do! They were finally ready to go out and represent the team in the final match up of the night. They finished with a flourish, taking it comfortably in 2 ends to 10 and 12 and in doing so became only the second pair in history to win 3 in the first division and 3 against a PMC team.(albeit 20 minutes after the first pair in history achieved this!)

8-1 the final result and a phenomenal effort by everyone. Our first points and hopefully not our last points in the first division of Sheffield badminton. Thanks to everyone for playing, incredible team spirit, high fives and cheering on. Thanks to PMC for a hard fought game played in great spirit. We celebrated with some caramel Rocky’s and orange Club bars. They might not rival Mrs O’s baking, but they got snaffled all the same!