Comb 2 v Broomgrove - (H) - 2/11/15

The taste of victory was sweet

The new season for combined 2 was firsts for many a reason . New recruits , new combinations and a new captain !

So under pressure to do well, it was great to turn up and find we were already 3-0 up as broomgrove were unfortunately missing their lady 1 . This meant poor Sarah -- the nominated lady 1 ( and was super eager )  had to unfortunately sit it out .

The mens doubles inaugurated the proceedings whilst Arun and Elaina simultaneous played their pair 3 . Being a new pair meant the machine just needed some warming up and A&e ( I had to get the medical term in there ) lost 21-12 and 21-15 .

Shiraz and I however started well with Shiraz showing fantastic temperament and composure . He started by telling me this team had beaten men's 2 9-0 and seemed to give them more credit than they deserved ! We won 21-16 to shiraz's surprise and then lost 18-21 before fighting hard in the 3rd and clawing our way back to a deserving 21-17 victory . This put us 4-1 up . A & E did lose their first one but not before ensuring the lady in that pair had sustained some ankle trouble .

3rd game up was Jane and me and we were playing their 3rd pair . They were 19-13 up at one stage before we clutched victory from the jaws of defeat and winning that game 22-20 .

That seemed to take the wind out of their sails and we won the 2nd 21-14 and by this stage got our 5th to win the overall rubber . ( score 5-1 at this stage )

Their 2nd lady by now had done her ankle which meant were already handed out 6th win .

Arun and Shiraz fought very hard for the 2nd mens and were unlucky to lose it 17-21 . They then came back fighting hard but just needed that lil oomph to get them across the line which they missed . Losing at 19-21 but a real close Humdinger of a game .

This was enough to fire Arun up for the last match , the combined game with debutante Elaina . As I said earlier the engine just needed warming up and so after losing their 1st to 13 the 'come back' pair never gave up and focussed more on who to target and won the next 2 games 21-15 and 21-17 !

A 7-2 result against a tough team is a great start to the combined 2 campaign . A big thank you to Sarah for having played sacrificial lamb and its this team spirit that will get us through the season and a big pat on the back to Elaina for starting the season with a big win . Well done all !