Comb 2 v Abbeydale 2 - (H) - 23/11/15

A revenge victory does taste sweet .

the sheffield battlefield was set up again with Abbeydale returning but this time to our home  advantage at ecclesfield .

We did try to overawe them with our numbers particularly as home support was swelling up ( rich , Karen , Lesley , Ben, Dave etc deserving a big thank you for their presence and support )

We mixed things up with Shiraz and Jen going as pair one this time.

Arun and Shiraz got us off to a flyer and we were 1-0 up straightaway . Our ladies were a bit disadvantaged as Abbeydale had roped in feathers players into their plastics 1 combined team meaning that the combined 2 ladies in the abbeydale team were infact from their combined 1 team . Elaina and Jen fought valiantly but lost in straight sets .

Shiraz and I then went onto the 2nd men's doubles game of the evening ( and with men's 1 captain Rich regularly reminding us about everything we were doing wrong ) and inspite of continuing to repeat those mistakes shiraz and I still managed to win in straight sets !!

2-1 up and it was looking good . Ladies 1 and 3 ( Jen and Jenny )  were beginning to show some magic having come back in the 2nd set after losing the first . Watch out for this pairing as it's no mean feat to have nearly pulled it off . They lost the 3rd setter but showed great grit in pulling a set off the experienced abbeydale ladies . 2-2 now ....

So at 2 each it all hinged on the outcome from the mixed games . Jenny and I ( pairing for the first time) did a quick and clinical job by ensuring their pair 3 were never in the game . We won ours in straight sets taking team score to 3-2

Arun and Elaina fought really hard and there were some fantastic points at the net by Elaina and some great points from the back by Arun . It looked like they should have won but the abbeydale 'experience ' kicked in and they somehow plucked victory winning it off our chaps in a 3 setter . We have to remember though that these are new players and a new pairing and we are doing a fantastic job in giving some tough and experienced pairings a real run for their money .

Shiraz and Jen ( again a new pair ) fought hard losing to 17 in the first set but then the energy seemed to have fizzled out and they lost their 2nd to a low score .Shiraz had done well to have won his 2 men's games and perhaps had little left in the tank. Well done to Jen for having tried very hard and keeping that never say die spirit . But some work together needed for Shiraz and Jen to improve as pair 1.

So at 3-4 down we were painting a similar picture of narrow losses as before .

Arun and Elaina brushed off the previous loss and won theirs making it 4 each and bringing it to the wire . Jenny and I took to the floor again and and the pairing seemed to click with Jenny playing some great kill drops at the net and even winning some 1 to 1 rally points with the abbeydale man !

We won the last match 21-14 and 21-10 and that allowed us to savour the overall revenge victory score of 5-4 .

Well done team and we are definitely getting better every game and with some more match practice and with this kind of positive team spirit I'm sure we'll develop a sweet tooth for many such victories .

Thanks to everyone that came to support us ..... Karen sorted the score card , rich doing the coaching , Shiraz playing treasurer ..... This captaincy business is a piece of cake !

My wo'man' of the match prize goes to Jenny for pulling off 2 ( and almost 3) victories .