Comb 1 v Westfield (H) - 2/11/15

On a dark and foggy Monday night, not long after Halloween, six combi 1 badminton players took on a team from Westfield. Our team, the Witches of Eastwick (Claire, Lesley and Aparna), Count RICHula, SAMpire and the MARK of the Werewolf all out for mischief.

Westfield loved to tease the Ranmoor and always seem to win 5-4. What would happen this time?

The ladies games were hard fought. Lesley and Claire (after much snarling) loosing out to the Westfield ladies 1 and 2. Lesley and Aparna dug in their claws and fought like demons but missed out on a win. SAMula and the Mark of the Werewolf brushed aside the first Westfield pair followed by the Count and the Werewolf rushing through their games in two.

Guess what? 2-2 at half time.

A creak was heard from the sidelines. Something was stirring from the depths of an ancient casket. It's Mrs O's mindtickling lemon drizzle cake with YES her famous flap jack (I had two pieces of flap jack and protected the lemon drizzle with my life).

On with the scrap. Next up, our very own Claire with SAMula. The first end was a blood bath with Claire and Sam coming out second best. It was time for superhuman strength (and they both have that). With a change of tactics the duo took the second and like 'bats out of hell', raced through the third.

3-2 to the Ranmoor.

Now for Aparna and the Count, sounds like an act on Britain's Got Talent', but no it's our new dynamic partnership. First end was a warm up for the pair. Second end saw Aparna use her magic while the Count spookly hovered around the court, giving the opposition little chance. The third end was tighter than a mummy's bandages. Back and forth went the points until eventually our pair won 26-24.

4-2 to the Ranmoor

Time for the first couple. But the opposition found it hard to play against Lesley's laser guided racket. Very little got past her, it was like some supernatural forces were at work. A win in two.

5-2 to the Ranmoor (a win)

The reverse doubles saw Aparna and the Count win in two, while Claire and Samula missed out.

Final score 6-3 to the Ranmoor.

Not a scarey night out at all but something that is unusual for the Ranmoor, a win over Westfield.