Comb 1 v Westfield - (A) - 14/11/15

Sometimes you know when you've upset someone, and the Ranmoor's 6-3 home win seemed to have done that. Westfield made one change to their line-up, adding ex-international, Richard Morris to their ranks.

Our team, Lesley, Claire, Sarah (making her first Combi 1 outing), Rich, Sam and Mark, were looking forward to a tough match and that's what it was going to be.

First up the ladies. Ranmoor's ladies put up a great fight, not winning, but taking ends on the way. The men's pairing of Sam and Mark didn't win but stuck to the task and played a decent game. Rich and Mark faired better winning in two.

The mixed games were equally competitive. Claire and Sam missing out as did Lesley and Rich.
Our first couple of Sarah and Mark found the first end tough with the shuttle landing out more than in. But a fight back in the second and third ends gave the couple a tough victory.
Reverse doubles saw Claire and Sam fight out a loss while Lesley and Rich, up against. Richard Morris and partner, played a performance for the ages with two tight games which they eventually lost both to 19.

Well what can we take from this. Yes we lost 7-2 but we all enjoyed the games and we'd definitely take a home win and away loss to Westfield, it's 2 points more than we took last year.

Mark S