Mens 2 v Paces (H) - 12/10/15

Rob's vicious diatribe had done its trick, gone were any jogging bottoms, consigned to history,
it was shorts all round, after all the league is in flow, this was the second match, serious business.

Richard J had returned, just how does fatherhood affect a badminton player, we are to see (congrats by the way). He paired up with Rob , to form that familiar partnership, 'Rich and Rob' a solid foundation to
any team. Dave and Dave joined forces again, and Mick paired up with Ben. Now this is where it will get interesting as the captain had the bright idea of posting the score card on the way home, only to realise after that such an act might impinge on the detail and accuracy of the match report. Oops.

Ranmoor were looking to improve on their first match, not difficult as we lost 9-0. This was quickly done
as Rich and Rob taking the opening game. Both other pairs though were to struggle and we were 2-1 down after the first round.... probably.

The pairing of the Dave's began to run smoother in the second set and they managed to
take a tight game in 3 ends, Rich and Rob were clicking into gear too taking theirs. Ben and Mick decided to step up to the challenge and pushed hard but were overcome in three ends.

The last games saw both Rich and Rob, and Ben and Mick lose with Paces team defaulting in the final game through injury. A 5-4 loss.

So what have we learned; well, partnerships take time to develop, improvements are not to be taken lightly, and always keep the score card till you've done your match report.

Ben H