Mens 2 v Grenhilheg (A) - 9/10/15

Mens 2 began their campaign in division 3 away at Henry Fanshawe school. Pairing up were Ben with Mick, Clive with Rob, and Dave H And Dave W, most somewhat new to playing competitive badminton with one another. Against us were the well seasoned veterans of Grenhilheg, with much experience playing as pairs together, and yet we faced them with a bounce in our step and eagerness in our eyes. Ben was told by Rob that his 'chavy' jogging bottoms were unfit for the occasion, a quick change was made and we were off.

Top pair Ollie and Ryan's nous and shot making proved too much for Ben and Mick, who finding themselves taking their seats again rather quickly, were able to watch Clive and Rob battle Phil and Martin. This seemed a great game, Rob almost at a continual sprint and Clive producing some very cute drops at the back, the first two rubbers were split, and the third seemed destined for the wire, a little run of points at the end proved decisive though and it we lost it 21-16.
This was to prove as much resistance as we could muster, Dave and Dave still trying to rekindle a partnership of old were struggling a little as well and lost to Rick and John.

The next two sets of games were in similar fashion to the first, and a winning formula was not to be found, even Rob's magic legs and Clive's unerring backhand could not stand up to the inexorable flow of points... We lost.... 9-0.... Bugger.

And yet as we left the bounce was still there, that glint in the eye, a team still eager to make a mark in it's division.