Mens 2 v Beaverhill - (A) - 30/10/15

The third match of the season saw mens 2 away to beaverhill. In the first two matches we had seen Ranmoor fight hard but to no avail. So was this third time lucky? Stepping up to the plate were Shiraz and Dave H, Ben and Clive, and Rich and Rob.

Rich and Rob got us started, and what a start it was flying through the first two games winning to 4 and then 5 against Martin and Alex. At the same time Dave H and Shiraz were playing well together and won in straight ends against Gordon and Anup. Ben and Clive were finding life harder against Daniel and Dennis and lost to 11 and 18. 2-1 up after the set looked promising.

The second set of matches saw Rob and Rich leave off where they started and they won in straight ends.

Unfortunately in game 5 a rather nasty injury left beaverhill's pair to concede, meaning Ben and Clive just needed their game to win. The game began well and the first end went to Ranmoor easily, the second was to be much more closely run with the pairs tying at 20-20 but things turned out well for Ranmoor and the next two points meant the match was won.

The finishing round saw Ranmoor take all three games, with beaverhill having to concede one to injury, meaning this our guys first win of the season 8-1. A  great night for Ranmoor men's two and we hope that the leg injury isn't as bad as it looked and that the beaverhill team is fit and well together soon.