Mens 1 vs PMC 2 - (A) - 26/10/15

The men’s 1 team had their second outing this week following a narrow 5-4 defeat in their opening game. This was going to be a tough but tight affair once more with PMC2 away the fixture for the evening.

Mark (holiday) and Sam (hammy) were absent, bringing in the debut pair of Shiraz and Chee at number 2.

Ever present, Rich and Steve went out at number 1 and came up against a tough pair, losing to 19 and 18 in a close affair. Shiraz and Chee were also at war, again losing, this time 24-22! Their opponents managed to overcome them in the second end and we were 2-0 down. Arun and Prithvi, fast becoming the Ranmoor warriors, able to take anyone to the limit went out and showed us how to do it, winning to 18 and 14 in two ends. 2-1.

steve and Rich were keen to keep their 2 per match record going and would need to win both of their remaining games. They managed to overcome the second pair in a swinging 3 ender, winning to 18, losing to 16, before hitting their stride and pushing home in a simple 21-10 win. Shiraz and Chee meanwhile were making a meal of the third pair winning 22-20 before keeping things simple and running away in the second end to 12. Arun and Prithvi got stuck into the first pair, losing the first but coming back strong to win the second end with some real passion. They missed out 22-20 in the third end with some incredible rallies to finish. So, a quick tot up made it clear the score was finely balanced at 3-3. Majority rules in the final round.

Steve and Rich had firmly got motoring by this point and never looked in doubt against the third pair, winning 10 and 15. 1 of the next 2 needed for a Ranmoor win. Arun and Prithvi missed out to 15 and 16 against the tough second pair. With the night poised at 4-4, Chee and Shiraz took to the court and lost the first end to 12. Not looking good. Then came a turn around and they won to 15 to give us a third end and a glimmer of hope. It wasn’t to be however and our guys lost the third end to 17. A second 5-4 defeat for our first team. Twice now we have come so close to a first win in division 1. Some tough games ahead, but we are proving we can compete at this level. Thanks to everyone who played, especially Chee and Shiraz, stepping in together.