Mens 1 v PMC 1 (H) - 5/10/15

The first game of the season in the whole of the Sheffield Badminton league fell to Ranmoor Mens first team and saw us face off against last years league runners up, PMC 1.

With the nominated 6 men available, captain Rich had a strong team but equally knew that PMC 1 would be a tough side to beat.

Rich and Steve went out first and had a slow start with a few early season nerves, going down to 17 and going on to lose in 2 ends, 23-21 in a second end they so early took. Sam and Mark won their first end, losing the second having been way ahead. This gave the opponents some confidence and allowed them to take the third end and put us 2-0 down. Arun and Prithvi meanwhile on the other side of the curtain were also losing, this time in 2 ends to 10 and 15 against a spirited third pair. 3-0 down and a tough start on home turf.

Surely round 2 of the night could only improve? Indeed this was the case as Rich and Steve won in 2 comfortable ends against the third pair, getting us off the mark with a much more assured performance. Such was the improvement in quality for the boys that Steve has now designated the court to have a special significance for them. This court was also host to the boys best performance last season against Abbeydale’s feathers players. We will have to make sure they get on that court for all of their games at home from now on! Sam and Mark won in 2 ends by the skin of their teeth in both ends winning 21 -19 22-20. Well done guys, and 3-2 all of a sudden. Arun and Prithvi couldn’t make it a full house and lost out in three ends, winning the middle end but losing out in the decider to 14 against their experienced opponents. 4-2, we would need all 3 of the final round.

Rich and Steve went out and struggled against a really solid partnership with great tactics, losing their first end to 8! Knowing something was right, they pulled themselves together, had a strong word with themselves and won to 10 and 17. Arun and Prithvi meanwhile were destroying the first pair to 11 and 14 to take their first match of the night and earn us a chance!

Sam and Mark fought hard but ultimately lost out to the third pair to 18 in both ends, resulting in a 5-4 defeat.

We went from having no expectation of winning many ends after a whitewash first round, to a narrow 5-4 defeat in which many games could have gone the other way in our favour resulting in a victory. It’s hard to be too upset given the runner up status of this team last year and Ranmoor being newly promoted to the top division. We have hope that we can give them another good game away from home and maybe get the result, as well as compete strongly against the other teams this division will serve up for us between now and the end of the season. Thanks to everyone for playing, great effort, lets get points on the board at our next game.  
Rich W