Comb 1 v Paces - (H) - 19/10/15

I've had a message from Mary Berry this week, it read "Dear Sheffield blogger, please can you dispense with that dreadful badminton drivel and get straight to the 'What's in the tin' feature. I love to read it while quaffing my afternoon tea and stuffing my face with a large wedge of dirty Mississippi Mud Cake". Well Mary if you read on you might be eating your words too.

On to the match now. Team was Claire and Sam, Aparna and Rich, Lesley and Mark. The match started with Lesley and Aparna loosing in two, Rich and Mark winning in two while Claire and Sam were in a monumental struggle. After getting to one game a piece, the third end became a game of cat and mouse. But with Clair's Ninja powers and Sams unconventional shots that find areas of court that no shuttle has ever gone before, they came away the victors. 2-1 to the Ranmoor. Second set of games saw Lesley and Claire loose in two, Sam and Mark win in two while Aparna and Rich sneaked an end to take it to a third. But after much sweat the couple just missed out. 3-3 at half time.

Wake up Mary cos here's the 'what's in the tin' feature. The traditional click of the tin lid revealed the most amazing chocolate orange cake and chocolate muffins, topped with gooeylicious chocky topping. Recipes to these are a closely guarded secret and only available on Mrs O's say so.
Round two, and can Ranmoor eek a win from the remaining games. Claire and Sam missed out, Aparna and Rich took theirs, so it's down to Lesley and Mark. After two fairly uneventful games the couple lost in two.

So there we have it a Ranmoor loss by 5 games to 4.
Perhaps Mary was right with this report, drop the drivel and turn this blog in to an article that 'Bake Off' would be jealous of.