Ladies v Paces (A) - 8/10/15

The first ladies match of the season saw Ranmoor head across Sheffield to Yewlands for the away fixture against old friends Paces with new Captain Claire at the helm. Pitched together were Lesley and Sarah, Cindy and Jane and Claire and Jen.  Thanks to Cindy for turning up from uphill and down dale as she travels the circuit of fixtures. 

Kicking off on two courts initially we were all a bit rusty. Against the top Paces pair of Sallyanne and her partner Lesley and Sarah came up short and swiftly took their seats again.  Cindy and Jane made great in roads into Lucy and Bev but couldn't clinch a game. Jen and Claire had been watching as the third pair were a bit late so were pleased to get off the bench and into action.  It was clear that Jen's weekend residential coaching was taking effect as her and Claire made some great rallys. 

The next set of games started with Jane and Cindy winning comfortably against the third pair but Lesley and Sarah just couldn't get to winning ways despite sussing out they needed to move a bit more, rotate and dominate from the front!  The second end was alot better though.  Jen and Claire were defeated by the first and second pair but came up trumps in the final game as did Sarah and Lesley. So 6-3 result.  Lets hope we can do better against them at home.  

Lesley K