Comb 1 v Wisewood 1 (H) - 12/10/15

First of all, the combi 1 team would like to congratulate Karen and Rich for their great news.
Right to the match. Due to Rich and Karen's absence, the team had a new look. The lineup was: Lesley, the Iceni warrior of Ranmoor, Aparna, gaining her first full combi 1 cap but feeling under the weather and looking forward to a Lemsip supper, Claire, a welcome return to this ninja hitwoman of badminton, Pritvi, Ranmoor's player of the year and for good reason, Sam, love in his heart and a smile on his face and Mark, the calmest member of the team, if you need encouragement, he's there for you.
Well, you'd have thought that with a team like that it would have been plain sailing, but NO, we won no ladies and no men's, so 4-0 down at half time.
And now it's time for 'what's in the tin'. A click of the tin lid revealed Mrs O's bakerlicious chocolate marble cake with chocolate icing and scones with jam and cream, it's mind food and should to be one of your 5-a-day.
Half time over and here we go. It was a time for grit, and at Ranmoor that's just second nature. Claire and Sam won in two, Lesley and Mark won in two, Aparna and Pritvi won in two. 3-4 to Wisewood.
Claire and Sam breezed through their mixed in two again. But Lesley and Mark were in for a battle. They won the first, lost the second, but after a see-saw third end that saw Lesley using tactical mindgames, they came in the winners, 24-22. WHAT A TEAM 5-4 to the Ranmoors.
And the morale of this tale is NEVER GIVE IN, though your body says it's time to call it a day and your lungs are popping out of your mouth, keep going cos there are plenty of medical staff in our club should you need patching up.