Mens 1 v Nomads - (H) - 15/05/15

The last game of the season, on the last possible day a match could be played, and our last chance to get a result that could promote us. The permutations of the nights result were such that we could finish third and not be promoted, second and be promoted or be crowned champions! Every other fixture in division 2 was complete so we knew exactly where we stood. Venturers had 20 points, as did Abbeydale, with Abbeydale 1 rubber behind on score difference. We were on 18 points with 2 up for grabs. A win was a must. 5-4 would draw us with Venturers for first, 6-3 or better would give us the league title on score difference and see us lead the charge into div 1 come september!

The nominated 6 were out for Ranmoor with Steve and Rich occupying the normal number 1 slot. Our boys got off to a slow start though and lost out to the strongest pair in straight ends. A rare defeat for the guys and a scary start to the evening. Sam and Mark at number 2 faired a bit better and got us on the board. 1-1.

Arun and Prithvi took on the third pair of Nomads and started strongly winning to 6 and 4!

Round 2 saw Sam and Mark take on the first pair, missing out also. Steve and Rich meanwhile played the third pair and go through in two with some stronger play. Arun and Prithvi also won their second match giving us a 4-2 lead and a chance to win the match and the league!

The final round saw everyone play some exceptional badminton, really pushing on and holding their nerve to win a clean sweep and give us a 7-2 victory. The match was our and was the division 2 title!

We had 12 people down in the pub on the night for a round of drinks on the captain and 15 bags of crisps courtesy of Arun.

Thanks to everyone who has played this year, not just the nominated 6 but those that have stepped up throughout the season. We lost just twice this year as a team, beating everyone else put before us. Deserved champions and a chance to have a go at the top tier next time around. Our goal must be to stop up in the first division for the first time!