Mens 1 vs Oakbrook - (A) - 21/4/15

The penultimate game of the season matched us up against Oakbrook, the team we faced on the opening day of the season back in October. With Mark away with work we had Dave W step in to deputise and pair up with Sam for the night. Steve and Rich went out for their first game against the top pair and won their first end to 19 in a close encounter with a few lead changes. The second end was the same score and our boys again showed grit to prevail, taking it in 2.
Sam and Dave played as pair 2 and lost out to their opponents in 2 ends. Arun and Prithvi got us ahead at the end of the first round, winning their third pair match up with some strong play.

Round 2 saw Rich and Steve win in 2 ends this time to 18 and 18, playing some steady badminton against a useful pair. Sam and Dave had a hard fought game against their next opponents but missed out in 2 ends again. Arun and Prithvi came through in their first pair to give us a 4 - 2 lead heading into the final round of games. 1 needed from the last 3.

Rich and Steve wrapped up the game by beating the third pair in 3 ends, losing the middle end in between 2 comfortable ends, stretching out with a win to 14 in the decider. Arun and Prithvi gave us our 6th end of the night, winning their third to complete a full sweep for them. Sam and Dave missed out in the final match in 3 ends, giving it everything. Sam even went flying off the side of the court and into a fire door, catching the release bar and going head first into the store room. He got it back but we didn’t win the point! He got up after about 5 minutes and carried on charging around!

Thanks to Dave for stepping into the team and well done to all on a solid 6-3 win. One game to go, a strong win could still see us go over either Venturers or Abbeydale (or both) and get into the top division next season! Fingers crossed.