Mens 1 v The Drone - (H) - 15/4/15

3 games to go in the so far successful season for men’s 1 and next up were The Drone, a team we had beaten 8-1 at their place. With promotion still to play for we were confident of a win and had a full compliment of pairs.

Rich and Steve continued at number 1 pair and won their first end to 13. As their opponents eased in they edged our boys in the second to 17 before we took control and won out in the third to 14, really getting into our stride for the night.
Sam and Mark meanwhile were having an easier start, winning to 7 and 11 at pair number 2. Arun and Prithvi saw out the first round with a win to 11 and 13. 3-0 and a good start.

Round 2 presented Rich and Steve with a  chance to really show their stuff and they won to 4 and 13 with some really clinical drop shots from Rich to move his opponents, with Steve prowling the net ready to pick up any returns. Sam and Mark never let their opponents get going and won against the third pair to 8 and 10, confirming the match win 5-0 with 4 to play. Arun and Prithvi made it 6 when they dispatched the top pair to 12 and 14. A great showing for our always improving pair who just get better every week.

Final round and all three pairs won comfortably in three ends, barely conceding double figures in an end. A confidence building 9-0 win as we head into the final throws of the season. Keep pushing guys, we might go up into the top flight yet.