Comb 2 v Abbeydale 2 - (H) - 13/04/15

So the penultimate match for Comb 2 was home to Abbeydale. With Ecclesfield school letting us down with our home venue a mad scramble to find a alternate venue ensued whilst on holiday in Austria. Many thanks to Abbeydale for accommodating us at theirs at short notice.

Abbeydale lined up strong but strong performances from the whole team saw us romp home 7-2 although a remarkable 6 games went to 3 ends. Well done to Sarah , Clare and Pritvi who delivered maximum points! Highlight of the night was a testy final match for Pritvi and Clare. Erratic calling prompting Clare to actually raise one eyebrow and look across the net quizzically more than once! High drama and a rare outburst of emotion and fury not previously seen by club stalwart Clare. Well done for taking it in 3. Roll on final match at Wisewood.