Combined 1 v Westfield - (H) - 2/3/15

Monday 2nd March saw the combined 1 team take on Westfield. Our team was made up of Karen, Lesley, Cindy, Sam, Rich and Mark.

Ranmoors Ladies played two really tough games against strong couples, loosing both but putting up quite a fight. The mens where both nip and tuck. Sam and Mark lost their first game but came back to win by the skin of their teeth. Then Rich and Mark again lost the first game, but this was a match of attrition between two seasoned (old) players slugging it out one to one over the net til the sanatogen levels ran out. Those levels weakened first in the Westfield old boy giving Ranmoor the win. 2-2 and evenly balanced at half time.

The mixed games where going to decide this. Lesley and Sam (playing with his limp hand), fought twice but, unfortunately lost twice. Cindy and Mark lost in two (Mark's sanatogen reserves running out early in the games). which left Rich and Karen. Rich was not a well man, bad flu had laid him low, and, to the horror of the watching crowd, he barfed at the back of the court, but determination and Karen gave the couple the winning edge in both sets of games.

So there we have it Ranmoor 4 – Westfield 5. It was close. To cheer us up we all had one of Mrs Ollrenshaw's best buns with chocolate orange segments. What a way to finish.