Ladies v Abbeydale 1 (A) - 8/3/15

A spring evening led Ranmoor ladies to an away match at Abbeydale 1.  Pairings of Claire & Donna, Karen & Lesley and Sarah & Cindy kicked off on three courts.  Karen & Lesley got swifly taken apart with good play but some terrible serving from Mrs K and giddiness she wasn't sure where it had come from (sorry Karen).  Cindy and Sarah started slowly too as Claire & Donna seamed to be hitting their stride. They had a tough game and narrowly lost out 23-21 in the second end. Unlucky. 

Second round of games saw Sarah and Cindy take a game with score of 21-17 and 21-14. Well done to them. The final round saw Karen & Lesley take out the same pair. So final score 7-2 to Abbeydale. But, some good play from all three pairs.  Next up Oxley away.