Combined 1 v Beaverhill (A) - 13/3/15

With Richard and Karen having a night off to prepare for their nuptuals tomorrow and Helen absent too as she builds up her new business, Prithvi, Aparna and Claire stepped up to play away at Beaver Hill.  It was an interesting journey as Aparna got a tour de Sheffield with Sam going to Claire's old place and then having to chase Prithvi down Cardoness Road, but we arrived in high spirits despite a few minutes late. 

Three games to start, Claire and Aparna, Mark and Prithvi and Lesley & Sam.  In the first level games the ladies were out classed but the boys won out.  Sam & Lesley were on form too.  So 2-1 up.   Lesley and Claire couldn't do any better but Sam and Mark played well and won. 3-2. 

A good start but a bit more work to do. Aparna and Prithvi worked hard but couldn't win. But Mark and Claire played great to clinch another game. 4-3. Next up Aparna and Prithvi again. This game was different as they quickly adapted and took it to win the match 5up. Sam and Lesley's game was conceded following an injury so 6-3 final score. 

Well done everyone!